Liftoff PGH is a regional collaboration inspiring Pittsburgh to reach the frontiers of healthcare technology and innovation

Throughout the month of December 2020, Liftoff PGH activated the leading disruptors across Pittsburgh’s technology, health, education and entrepreneurship sectors for our region's first virtual healthcare innovation summit. This is collaborative disruption, a daring collision of the region’s boldest innovators. The month-long challenge culminated with a live broadcast on December 15-16. 

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When restructuring Liftoff PGH, we designed opportunities to experience tangible connection. Anchored in an immersive virtual conference center, Liftoff PGH is packed with different ways to interact with the world. Every day, you’ll be sent activities to do on your computer, at your kitchen table, or even walking around your neighborhood. For example, you might start your morning with a creativity puzzle, wash dishes while listening to a podcast, and eat lunch over a curated discussion (with food from your favorite local restaurant). 

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