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With new and unexpected entrants to the market, the global healthcare landscape is changing. Pittsburgh has the resources to become an international leader in healthcare innovation – but in order to make this vision a reality, the region must intentionally work together to translate research into economic opportunity.

Pittsburgh as a Global Healthcare Innovation City

Liftoff PGH 2020 is partnering with the Pittsburgh Innovation District and Life Sciences Week in order to continue the conversation on how to build opportunities for life sciences entrepreneurs in our region.

With the release of the Brookings Institution Report in September 2017, many in the region realized there’s still work to be done. The report highlights Pittsburgh’s many assets, including world-renowned universities and research institutions. However, our prowess in research does not always translate into economic and entrepreneurial opportunities. By seeking inspiration from other regions, Pittsburgh can establish a clear path forward. With work, commitment, and intentionality, we can become a start-up capital for digital health.

In order to move forward, Pittsburgh will need to build clear industry partnerships. We will need to work cohesively in order to translate research into economic opportunities. And, we will need to attract and retain top talent and leadership in our region.

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