Health Spaces New & Old

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Leaders in design and technology will showcase ways that new models of care may come into being in the community and the home. Technologies will equip the bedroom, bathroom, and car to monitor vital signs and suggest interventions to improve individuals’ health. “Holistic health” will move from catchphrase to reality as health spaces address social, emotional, physical, educational, and restorative aspects of health.

Care in Accessible, Safe, and Convenient Locations

Access to transportation to a hospital or doctor’s office presents a substantial barrier to receiving care for many individuals, including those with limited mobility, income, or both. Consumers deserve and are demanding change. Health care is poised to be the next U.S. industry disrupted by nimble, aggressively customer-focused startups. Expect further health service offerings in pharmacies, grocery stores, and other public places – not to mention the home. These locations will need to be convenient, safe, and accessible.

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