Payment & Regulation

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How will payers of the future adjust to fundamental changes in healthcare delivery? With the rapid increase of personalized healthcare and precision medicine, it’s not hard to imagine a world where insurance companies will be able to accurately predict consumers’ healthcare costs through enhanced analytics. Payers and regulatory bodies will need to prepare now to stay ahead of these changes.

Global Payment to Reflect Global Health Care

Especially with rarer medical conditions, healthcare consumers are starting to take their care in their own hands. Take, for example, Dr. Michael Goldberg of the RYR-1 Foundation in Pittsburgh who sought care internationally after receiving a diagnosis of a rare genetic condition. This phenomenon will become increasingly common as healthcare consumers become more empowered and activated. No longer will patients be limited to only providers in their immediate geographic vicinity; they will seek the best care wherever they can find it, even if it happens to be across the globe. It is imperative for payers and regulatory bodies to act now to prepare for global payments.

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