Mission Log


A Renewed Mission: Liftoff PGH Coming December 2020

We are at Liftoff

Three years ago, Liftoff PGH was just a conversation. No one foresaw the public health crisis we now face, nor how reality would collide with our vision. And yet, Liftoff PGH was designed for this very moment. Health care is at the core of societal vitality, but the global pandemic has highlighted grave inequalities and vulnerabilities. This is the time for collective ingenuity, for Pittsburgh to step forward with unusual partnerships and unfettered creativity. We are at Liftoff.

As our region prepares for change with renewed tenacity, Liftoff PGH must meet this challenge with an equally bold proposal. We are excited to announce a new virtual model for our innovation summit, blending augmented reality with digital keynotes and interactive workshops.

Liftoff PGH brings hundreds of diverse voices together to a single conversation about the future of health care. But Liftoff PGH isn’t only about what’s next, it’s about what’s right. And why. So we engage in this conversation with joy and enthusiasm, and with the authority of knowing we are doing it together. 

John Keelan, IKM Inc.

New Format, Bolder Experiment

The summit is guided by five overarching themes, reflecting the greatest opportunities to reinvent the experience of health care in our region. We will cover as many topics as types of thinkers, but at the highest level, we’re focused on what will radically transform Pittsburgh for decades to come.  

Throughout the month of December, Liftoff PGH is activating the leading disruptors across Pittsburgh’s technology, health, education and entrepreneurship sectors for an extended innovation challenge. The month will culminate in a LIVE broadcast December 15-16.

Pre-register today. 

See what your December looks like

  1. Explore Liftoff PGH Conference Portal opening December 1st
  2. Play the Liftoff Go Mobile game
  3. Tune in for our live event broadcast with Keynote Speaker Shankar Vedantam (Dec 15)
  4. Join a themed Liftoff in Focus: Interactive Workshop (Dec 16)
  5. Get inspired at the Liftoff PGH Ideathon Pitch Competition Finale
  6. Experiment with your Rocket Fuel launch box      
  7. Savor in a 'Lunch'pad facilitated discussion group
  8. Interact with our public art installation    

Launch Codes: Course Redirect  

When restructuring Liftoff PGH, we designed opportunities to experience tangible connection. Anchored in an immersive virtual conference center, Liftoff PGH is packed with different ways to interact with the world. Every day, you’ll be sent activities to do on your computer, at your kitchen table, or even walking around your neighborhood. For example, you might start your day with an on-demand lecture or networking breakfast, wash dishes while listening to a podcast, and eat lunch over a curated discussion (with food from your favorite local restaurant).  

For more than half a year, I have worked with Liftoff PGH 2020 as a now graduate of CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center. I loved brainstorming the immersive experience for the conference, and through passion, design, and a whole lot of experimentation, we deliver the message that Pittsburgh healthcare is open to creative ideas and ready for bold solutions in technology.

Ashley Liang, Graduate of CMU's Masters in Entertainment Technology

This is only the beginning of the journey, and none of us can predict the final destination. But we hope you’ll join us for what promises to be an exhilarating experiment.