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Join the Liftoff PGH Team


We're on the Lookout for Talent

Liftoff PGH is 5,544 hours from launch, and we are recruiting an enthusiastic band of innovators for ground control. We are looking for graduate and undergraduate students interested in reshaping Pittsburgh’s economic future, whether through business development, research, health care, or technology. Liftoff PGH interns will be brains and ambassadors, engaging businesses and organizations across the healthcare ecosystem while representing the initiative out in the world. Applications due February 23.

What is Liftoff PGH?

Liftoff PGH is an event and a movement for change. It is the mandate to rethink everything, to untether creativity and reimagine Pittsburgh’s healthcare economy. A program of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Liftoff PGH kicks off with a summit on December 15-16, activating more than 1,000 changemakers in technology, health, education, and professional training to create a human solutions community. We are inviting entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, investors, providers, and policymakers to a giant kitchen table, and asking, “what can we create together?”

Why join Liftoff PGH?

The conference is an unprecedented meeting of the minds, and an incredible place to meet future partners, mentors, and employers. Interns will be introduced to a wide variety of topics within health care, from payment and regulation to entrepreneurship, education, and patient experience. The team will start their summer by assisting in community education and event marketing, with opportunities to write varying articles and proposals. We are looking to assemble a diverse team, and applicants’ preferences and strengths will be considered. Interns will also be trained to lead tours at the event, in addition to developing curriculum to train peers to be guides in the interactive exhibit space. At the end of the summer, interns will attend the summit and assist in participant experience.

The Start Date

Interns are expected to be available June 1st through August 6th on Mondays through Thursdays. Applicants must also be available between August 6th - December 17th with exact schedule flexible based on candidates academic obligations.

To Apply

We welcome graduate student applicants from a variety of academic disciplines, including but not limited to design, communications, engineering, computer science, business, policy, and health sciences. You can complete the online application on the Health Careers Futures websiteto submit a personal statement, resume, and letter of reference:  

For questions and additional information, please contact Megan Butler at