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Liftoff PGH Moves to December 15-16

LiftoffPGH December 15-16 2020

Innovation in a Time of Crisis

When Liftoff PGH was just a whisper of an idea, we never imagined how reality would collide with its mission. At its core, Liftoff PGH is about inspiring unusual partnerships that challenge the very structure of the healthcare industry. And we have seen no greater challenge, nor more inspiring collaboration, than these past three weeks have uncovered. Researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are designing new paradigms of care from the ground up, and pivotal innovations are coming from all corners of the region. As our healthcare workers face unprecedented uncertainty, we want to honor their challenges, and equally, celebrate their ingenuity.

While our team continues to plan for Liftoff PGH, we have made the decision to postpone the event until December 15-16, 2020.

There is so much more we have to learn, and so many ideas yet to be realized. We are forging ahead with the Ideathon Pitch Competition, and leading up to the new April 19th deadline, we're partnering with the Carnegie Mellon Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship to test some virtual idea sprints with students. We will continue to experiment, and try new ways of connecting with partners and community members. But the momentum we build can fuel the sort of transformation that will make Pittsburgh a healthier region for generations to come.

Let us know at groundcontrol@liftoffpgh.org when you find an organization stepping up, and send any creativity that inspires you.

We know this is just the beginning, but we are charging toward the future!

Liftoff PGH Team