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We've Lifted Off, Now What!?

Regional Agenda for Leadership in Health Technology

Liftoff PGH demonstrated that Pittsburgh has all the essential pieces to be an international leader in applying frontier technologies to healthcare safety, quality and effectiveness. But we must have the regional vision, commitment, collaborations, and focus to propel us to leadership.

Over 600 of our region’s leading pioneers took the first step during our virtual summit in December 2020, where they brought their best and brightest ideas to our virtual kitchen table—but their work is just beginning. Across Pittsburgh’s health innovation ecosystem, technology is the undercurrent of positive change. If Pittsburgh is to succeed on the global stage, we must hone our focus on technology-driven solutions that open opportunities to better health. Stakeholders from education and workforce development, to payment and policy reform, to public health and healthcare delivery, must combine efforts and bring the focus to health tech innovation in Pittsburgh. Liftoff PGH provided many sparks of inspiration—including our Ideathon pitch competition finalists—and now is the time to act.

We would like to thank those who have joined our mission so far—including our speakers, advisory committee, sponsors, and community partners—but the work has only just begun. We invite the entire Pittsburgh health innovation ecosystem to put our region on the global stage.

Moving forward, we envision a future where Pittsburgh innovators collectively advance six key areas of groundbreaking technology, highlighted during the events of Liftoff PGH 2020.

View the Regional Agenda for Leadership in Health Technology

Stay tuned for more news from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) about how we are building on the momentum started at Liftoff PGH.

In early 2021, JHF and the Pittsburgh Tech Council’s Business as Usual webinar series will pair a local entrepreneur with a global innovator to discuss each of the above six areas of opportunity.

JHF is also partnering with Innovation Works to create the 2021 JHF Healthcare Safety Challenge, an international pitch competition which will spur the development pipeline for new technologies in patient safety as innovators compete for the Hardware Cup. You can apply for the Healthcare Safety Challenge between now and March 7 here.

The innovations submitted to the Healthcare Safety Challenge will help inform JHF’s efforts to create a National Patient & Provider Safety Authority, modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board. You can read more about our Full Court Press team working on this initiative here.

JHF will also continue to share our Pittsburgh health innovation insights, highlight additional opportunities and priorities, and carry forward the mission of Liftoff PGH. We invite you to join us on this continued journey towards Pittsburgh’s bright future for technology and health.

Liftoff PGH Team