Mission Log


We're in a Race Against Time: Welcome to Liftoff PGH 2020


Health Spaces New & Old

We’ve had revivals and renaissances in this region before. Perhaps once again, we need to become the disrupters who invent and assemble components for a new era. But we can only lead if we know what is coming. Now is the time to build on our region's tremendous assets and elevate Pittsburgh as a hub for healthcare innovation. 

Introducing Liftoff PGH 2020 

This multi-dimensional, immersive event is intended to lay out what could be done regionally between in the next decade to position us for global leadership. Liftoff PGH is a journey of managed disruption. We have reserved the Convention Center and over the course of a day and half, we will explore five key themes: 

  • Workforce and Education
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Health Spaces New and Old
  • The New Patient
  • Payment and Regulation

We will populate each Exploration with examples of our region's most visionary thinking from players across the sector. These highly interactive experiences will guide participants into the future by illuminating what needs to be in place to excel, and to lead change.  We’ll also have globally recognized keynote speakers, panels and breakouts to allow for deeper dives into the five themes. 

Liftoff PGH is not a mere one-time experience. It’s a platform from which to launch creative ideas to nimbly adjust to new players & new technologies and to spur invention. But we aim to go beyond entrepreneurship to set higher aspirations for the safest, most reliable, most accessible and affordable health care in the world.

Join us on the journey. See you in 2020. 

Liftoff PGH Team