The Origins

Continuing to build Pittsburgh’s healthcare future after the region’s first immersive virtual innovation conference in December 2020.

Why Liftoff PGH? 

The future is closer than we think. It’s an age of acceleration driven by an explosion of technological discovery.  Disruption is now a constant, and every sector of industry, education, and workforce development will irreparably change.  Liftoff PGH is our response. If the Pittsburgh region is to compete with international leaders in health care, robotics, and artificial intelligence, we must radically reinvent how we catalyze innovation.

What is Collaborative Disruption?

Pittsburgh has entered an unprecedented phase of development, and the region boasts internationally recognized institutions across higher education, medical research, and tech entrepreneurship. But these assets remain fragmented achievements, their combined potential yet unrealized.  Liftoff PGH is the daring force of their intersection, creating a physical space to harness the untethered creativity of open collaboration. We are dismantling proprietary knowledge and compartmentalized departments to build a human solutions community. In our sometimes rigid economy, transparency is radical. 

Why the Jewish Healthcare Foundation?

The simple answer is, why not? The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) knits together an unusual network of organizations, from universities and research institutions to health providers, insurers, governments and businesses. We work with competitors, rivals, and strangers to build partnerships across the region, and we are 30 years in. We are not concerned with who is leading the charge, because the next earth-shattering innovation could come from your teenage neighbor.

Meet Our Team