The New Patient: A Liftoff PGH Quilt

Discover the people and perspectives that inspired our conference themes.  

A patient herself, Kathy Giusti forms the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation to promote “fast-moving science.”

I became a much better leader when I was given a death sentence in 1996.

— Kathy Giusti

Dr. Michael Goldberg starts the RYR-1 Foundation to bring together researchers, patients, & advocates from around the world, to create a network around a rare genetic disease.

In his book, The Emperor of All Maladies, Dr. Siddhartha Mukherkjee tells the story of Germaine, a patient taking her care into her own hands at the end of her battle with cancer.

In the first episode of the new Netflix show Diagnosis, 23-year-old Angel credits the internet with saving her life.

It's crazy what the internet can just took one person from Italy and now I am a completely different person. There's no more wondering. There's no more mystery.

— Angel Parker

Sharon Terry re-imagines the scientific process to find a cure for her children’s rare disease.

Seth Mnookin tells the story of Bertrand, a child with a rare disease, and his parents as they search for others dealing with the same genetic disorder.