Workforce & Education: A Liftoff PGH Quilt

Discover the people and perspectives that inspired our conference themes.  

The new healthcare workforce combines the best of humans and machines

Rather than replacing human workers, technology could help health care organizations create a more professionally satisfied workforce—by taking the robot out of the human.

— Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Purdue University opens high school as direct pipeline to higher ed

A Kenyan start-up uses mobile phones to revolutionize community health worker education

If surgical training is failing, can video games succeed?

NASA developed Virtual Reality…when it was life or death. Surgical simulators are not tomorrow’s luxury. They are today’s necessity.

— Justin Barad, MD, Co-Founder/CEO, Osso VR

Explore a visual map of healthcare’s changing workforce

Design thinkers and hospital administrators unleash a new generation of nurse innovators