The Event

For the first two weeks of December 2020, participants accessed on-demand content, culminating in a live two-day broadcast featuring exhilarating speaker presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. 

A Journey to Innovation

Three years ago, Liftoff PGH was just a conversation. No one foresaw the crisis we now face, nor how reality would collide with our vision. And yet, Liftoff PGH was designed for this very moment. This is the time for collective ingenuity, for Pittsburgh to step forward with unusual partnerships and unfettered creativity. We are at Liftoff.

What is a virtual conference?

Attendees will be transported to Liftoff PGH’s new immersive portal starting December 1, 2020. Throughout the month, participants can ‘walk-through’ our virtual conference center to access webinars, workshops, and networking sessions, building to our live broadcast on December 15-16. You’ll wander through our local innovation exhibit, featuring interactive displays of leading disruptors across Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurship, education, and health sectors. You can even video chat with exhibitors in real time and schedule follow up meetings.  

What will I do?

Throughout the month of December, we've designed activities both on and off screen to give you a daily challenge. Some days it will be a live speaker, some a podcast or networking session. Alongside our digital portal, participants will receive a physical kit filled with activities to jumpstart your curiosity. The mystery objects will be used throughout the month of December for a daily burst of wonder. On December 15-16, we'll celebrate with a live broadcast to your living rooms, featuring the host of NPR’s podcast The Hidden Brain Shankar Vedantam. 

Who will I meet?

Liftoff PGH is a virtual collision of local and national innovators from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem. We’re inviting entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, investors, providers, and policymakers to a digital kitchen table, and asking what we can create together. If you’ve just joined LinkedIn or have 25 years of executive leadership, Liftoff PGH is where ideas connect us. Look out for live networking events, small group happy hours, and personal meetings with our exhibitors.  


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