A Regional Journey

Liftoff PGH is helping propel Pittsburgh deeper into healthcare innovation. Liftoff PGH launched Pittsburgh's first healthcare innovation conference in December 2020, including two weeks of on-demand content, culminating in a live two-day broadcast featuring exhilarating speaker presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. 

Three years ago, Liftoff PGH was just a conversation. No one foresaw the crisis we would face in 2020, nor how reality would collide with our vision. And yet, Liftoff PGH was designed for this very moment. This is the time for collective ingenuity, for Pittsburgh to step forward with unusual partnerships and unfettered creativity. We are at Liftoff.

What is Liftoff PGH doing now?

Liftoff PGH is more than its 2020 conference. We're now in orbit, bringing innovative ideas, collaborators, dreamers, and stakeholders to an ongoing conversation to drive the Pittsburgh region toward better health care.

Liftoff PGH has challenged the region with our Regional Agenda for Leadership in Health Technology. We are co-hosting a webinar series and podcast to examine the Regional Agenda's ideas. And we are helping teens imagine new solutions to healthcare problems through a summer fellowship.

This is ongoing work to transform health care.

What was the 2020 conference?

Throughout December 2020, over 700 participants were transported to the Liftoff PGH virtual conference center with access to more than 50 engaging webinars, workshops, and networking sessions, which all built to a two-day live broadcast with dozens of innovation experts.  In total over 70 local and national speakers challenged our thinking to imagine how Pittsburgh could seize opportunities to become a leader in healthcare innovation.


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