Dr. Anne Germain

Founder and CEO, NOCTEMâ„¢ LLC


Anne Germain, Ph.D. is founder and CEO of NOCTEM™ LLC, an early stage start-up company that combines sleep science, digital technologies, and machine learning to upskill providers, support the wide scale delivery of state-of-the art sleep healthcare. Dr. Germain is internationally renowned for her clinical and translational research in sleep. She published over 160 peer-reviewed papers, invited papers, and book chapters, and co-edited a book on sleep in combat-related PTSD. In 2019, she initiated a leave of absence from her position of tenured Professor of Psychiatry  at the University of Pittsburgh, to found NOCTEM and accelerate the translation of her work in sleep research into clinical practice and the transfer of knowledge and skills into the hands of healthcare providers and patients.